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Welcome to Rayak Hospital
Welcoming you,

with a great pleasure,

to the website of Rayak Hospital                                                                                                       
It’s a Health care institution that is providing the highest quality of medical care to patients in the region of Bekaa valley  for two generations . 

This institution has played an important role in shaping and improving healthcare in the Bekaa valley and in Lebanon as well.

Our mission gears us to be leaders in clinical care , and through education , technology & experience  ,we will continue every effort to fulfill our mission.

Our Medical Center reflects our commitment to quality healthcare which can only be achieved through teamwork ,good communication lines , and respect for our patients time and needs.

The patients trust us with their lives and   therefore ,we must be up to their trust and expectations by delivering high quality medical care that is SAFE ,EFFECTIVE and PROMPT

Our highest aim is the patient satisfaction and comfort.