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Rayak Hospital was founded in the year 1995, at Rayak, in the Bekaa Valley.

It is a Lebanese stock holders company, owned by a group of specialized doctors, who aimed at creating a multidisciplinary health facility that meets the medical needs of the Region's population.
The hospital number one priority is to provide adequate health care, for neighboring villages’ patients which roughly count three hundred thousand people, with full respect for their privacy.
The hospital’s departments were equipped with specialized human resources, and advanced medical and technical equipment.
In order to maintain the hospital’s leading position as socially and economically  advanced and active health institution in the region, efforts have been made to gradually create and manage change and  progress  programs throughout  all medical, administrative, and technical  departments.
The goals of the hospital   evolved to ensure high quality diagnostic and hospitalization services, and to provide a safe and healthy environment for all those dealing with the hospital.
Plans were also made to insure continuous training for the professional staff working at the hospital and to provide opportunities for professional and individual upgrading for all.
In addition, some health awareness and social activities were activated in the Bekaa region in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, and other medical institutions operating in Lebanon.
The strategic plans of the hospital were gradually implemented by opening   Cardiac care units, Heart Surgery,Cath –l ab, Hemo dialysis, advanced Radiology, prison and other departments, in which serious work was   done to improve the work conditions and the quality of services provided.
Currently, after the success of the hospital’s departmental  projects , and  the development in  the diagnostic equipments , along  with  the increase in the  number of beds to reach : 150 beds ,all efforts that was exerted  proved  to be able to satisfy everyone dealing with the hospital.
All this was achieved by placing the technological development and professional capacities at the service of the patients, while preserving their security and safety.
The hospital’s march towards a healthier society where decent health care is available to all was fulfilled.