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Patient & Visitor information

Patient's Rights and Obligations
Patient's Rights:
· You have the right to receive the care that maintains your personal dignity and respects your cultural, social, and religious values.
· You have the right to receive care in a clean, safe, and healthy environment without discrimination in race, sex, nationality, age, political and religious beliefs, and disability.
· You have the right to a sufficient and decent care provided by all employees when asking for help knowing that there might be other patients who have a similar or more pressing need.
· You have the right to be listened to, to have all your questions answered, or to be given any additional information you find necessary or suitable for your condition or treatment.
· You have the right to know who is treating you and to talk to your treating doctor to receive the necessary information that help you realize your medical issues.
· You have the right to choose your own doctor and to ask for a second medical opinion within hospital's and covering bodies' regulations.
· You have the right to express your opinion and to consent to or refuse any medical decision regarding your health.
· You have the right to be completely informed with the suggested medical procedure for your treatment: its purpose, method, possible duration, benefit, and alternative treatment methods, in addition to the possibility of experiencing pain, hardship, risks, or side effects.
· You have the right to refuse the treatment within boundaries of the law and to be informed with the medical consequences of your refusal.
· It is not possible for the hospital and the medical team to conduct clinical experiments and trial treatment without your clear consent. You have the right to refuse participation in any clinical experiments or researches.
· You are entitled to complete secrecy concerning your medical file and you may request a copy of the discharge summary to be sent to another hospital or doctor.
· You are entitled to privacy regarding everything that concerns your medical care.
· You have the right to receive visitors according to visiting hours of the hospital.
· With the exception of some cases imposed by the law, you have the right to leave the hospital against medical advice. If you choose to do so, you will be asked to sign a blank which means that the hospital and the doctors are not responsible for any harm that may result from your decision.
If you have questions regarding what is mentioned above or you need more detailed information, please don't hesitate to ask any member of the medical team treating you.
Patient's Responsibilities:
When offering medical services, Rayak Hospital expects the following from its patients:
· That the behavior of patients and their relatives and friends be reasonable, responsible, and considerate of other patients' and employees' rights and that they help in controlling noise, preventing smoking, limiting the number of visitors, and preserving the hospital's and others' property.
· That they abide by the hospital's laws and regulations concerning their behavior toward the medical instructions.
· That they present complete and accurate information about their current health state and their medical history.
· That they or their families inquire when they don't understand the explanations that are given to them about their care and what they are supposed to do.
· That they follow the decided method of treatment and the required punctuality. When the patient fails to do so for any reason, the concerned doctor must be informed. Patients are responsible for the medical consequences that may result when they refuse to follow their doctor's orders.
· They are responsible of guaranteeing that the financial duties must be fulfilled as soon as possible.
Note:The administration is not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings left unattended within the hospital's property.